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Spiritual Direction, Counsel & 
Equine Assisted 

Accessible personalized care in person or from the comfort of your home. 

Karynn Headshot_edited.png

Karynn King

I have journeyed with clients locally and globally, in a wide range of concerns since 2009. Walking alongside clients on their journey is a privilege and a passion. I specialize in Spiritual Direction, Neurobiology of resilience and equine assisted therapeutic support for trauma.

My Perspective 

Each journey is unique and varied in scope.  Healing is possible and requires change at a deep level. Learning to process emotion and take responsibility for the specific situations you face can help.

The outcomes of counseling are dependent on dealing honestly with your life.​ I offer unique support

for individuals, couples, ministry leaders, military and first responders navigating anxiety, depression,

trauma and grief. 

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